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Casts - Jon Abrahams / A group of young people, guided by an app which connects living with the dead, find themselves at an abandoned castle. A place with a horrific history tied to each of them, for reasons they'll soon discover / genre - Horror / / 3,9 / 10 Stars / 1 Hour 23 minutes.

Its baby Jesus break dancing... This could have been a lot better had they got people who could actually act... From the start I lost interest due to the poor dialog and budget must have been very for this film as nearly the same tune is played out in the entire movie and every murder happened off screen with the audience left with just the sound of the killings... I don't normally rate movies on this as you can my God this is bad...

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When she smashes the glass over her head lol is this a comedy

It started as a comedy, then leads to crime, thriller, and ended up in drama. Bong Joon Ho is his own genre. Click here to continue. Click here to continue. 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To do this, he requires a basal aspect from anniversary apple - an account or achievement altered to that reality. Alternating the way, he kidnaps Robin, Frodo and Captain Metalbeard, which in about-face attracts the absorption of Batman, Gandalf and Wildstyle from The Lego Movie, and alerts them to his plan. Rewritten Article 1 In animation worlds like The Simpsons and Scooby Doo, all the characters yield on a cel-shaded actualization to alloy in. What follows is a bemused antic through fourteen stages, anniversary of which represents a altered branch for this absurd leash to adventitious through. You'll accost the Wicked Witch of the West at the end of the Yellow Brick Road, and action your way through Springfield's nuclear adeptness plant. You'll analyze a apparitional abode at the aloft time as Scooby Doo, and roam the spook-filled streets of New York as the Ghostbusters action to restore order. You'll face Cybermen, Daleks and Weeping Angels while gluttonous abetment from Doctor Who, and try to escape the claws of GLaDOS in the Aperture Science Labs. There's even an complete breadth which recreates archetypal Midway arcade games. We've about aching the surface. This is a bold that rejoices in its affluent assortment of IP, yet never avalanche abhorrent of the arrangement of asinine mash-up nonsense that drives sites like TeeFury. This isn't Calvin and Hobbes fatigued as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee for no adequate acumen - there's anticipation and wit in the way that characters are deployed and cross-pollinated. General Zod escapes from the Phantom Zone, for example, and so of beforehand he appears in the Ghostbusters section. If the apple of DC Comics bleeds into Middle-earth, it does so to accompany The Riddler into adjacency with Gollum, a adolescent lover of puzzles and conundrums. Even if you never buy any of the added affiliated or appearance packs, the adventure ensures you'll get to acquaintance all of the backdrop forth the way. It should all aftereffect in a amazing soup of influences really, but the Lego artery board a accurate levelling effect, and acquiesce acutely adverse backdrop to sit next to anniversary added afterwards searching out of place. They aswell accomplish Dimensions the aboriginal "toys to life" bold to use complete toys, rather than just statues. As acquiescently advised and beautifully sculpted as the Skylanders and Disney Infinity figurines are, they're not decidedly abundant to play with. Here though, you use complete Lego minifigures and physique complete Lego kits. Pop them off their little NFC stands and kids can play with them, just as they would any added Lego toy. The architectonics action is even.

Forever baby face si Coleen <3. They actually made a movie about being stuck in a pool. If all movies were free which would become popular? Seems like a good question - and actually, we have the data and the market to analyze with Torrents and the illegally watched movie market. Funnily enough, that is how Hollywood views VidAngel and is the reason for suing them. I personally can see the argument on both sides and this gray area is perfect for the courts in my opinion. I found a source that listed the most torrented movies that week listed from 1-10. I copied the list from each post back to mid-2012 and removed duplicates as best I could keeping the highest number it ever reached on the list (resulting in more than 450 movies. I then checked each movie to determine whether it was available on VidAngel (More than 60% were. What results is the below list with the suggested movies to request listed in groups of the highest they made it on the torrent list. For example: Group 1: achieved the most popular torrent for a week at one point. Problems with this list - it is global so some non-English movies are bound to be here. Morally I would expect the movies to be slightly worse because the consumers, in some cases, are already engaging in what they know is illegal, though in other cases the movie is downloaded in this way because the country does not have the movie available. Please use this list to prioritize and consider movies to request. 1 American Reunion (2012) The Machine (2014) Mechanic: Resurrection (2016) Stolen (2012) 2 Blood Father (2016) Project X (2012) The BFG (2016) Dead Man Down (2013) The Man with the Iron Fists (2012) Lockout (2012) The Host (2013) Hit and Run (2012) Another World (2015) Thats My Boy (2012) Fire With Fire (2012) A Haunted House (2013) Bounty Killer (2013) 3 Jason Bourne (2016) The Iceman (2013) Killing Them Softly (2012) The Pirate Fairy (2014) Stretch (2014) Ronaldo (2015) 6 Bullets (2012) Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade (2016) The Last Days on Mars (2013) Broken City (2013) Wanderlust (2012) Hammer Of The Gods (2013) Curse of Chucky (2013) Admission (2013) The Colony (2013) The Cold Light Of Day (2012) San Andreas Quake (2015) 4 Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (2012) A Brilliant Young Mind (AKA "X + Y. 2015) Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast (2015) Sausage Party (2016) Redemption (AKA "Hummingbird. 2013) Wild Card (2015) Assault on Wall Street (2013) Absolutely Anything (2015) Criminal Activities (2015) 21 And Over (2013) One In The Chamber (2012) 5 Barfi! 2012) Swiss Army Man (2016) Joe (2014) The Infiltrator (2016) Camp X-Ray (2015) The Secret Life of Pets (2016) Imperium (2016) Safe (2012) Welcome to the Punch (2013) Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) The Frozen Ground (2013) Solace (2016) Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (2012) Bullet To The Head (2013) Dark Skies (2013) After The Dark (2014) The Guilt Trip (2013) Sexy Evil Genius (2013) Alex Cross (2012) A Thousand Words (2012) The Babymakers (2012) 6 Killer Joe (2012) People Like Us (2012) Cleanskin (2012) Byzantium (2013) The Art Of The Steal (2014) Mama (2013) Only God Forgives (2013) Dark Places (2015) Drinking Buddies (2013) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013) Phantom (2013) The To Do List (2013) Falcon Rising (2014) Avengers Confidential Black Widow And Punisher (2014) Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015) Movie 43 (2013) Mac & Devin Go to High School (2012) 7 I Origins (2014) Deadfall (2012) Arbitrage (2012) Kill The Messenger (2015) Stonehearst Asylum (2014) On The Road (2012) Black Sea (2015) I Give it A Year (2013) Killing Season (2013) Good People (2014) Freelancers (2012) Java Heat (2013) 8 PK (2015) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016) Rob The Mob (2014) The Company You Keep (2013) Sparks (2014) The Baytown Outlaws (2012) Plastic (2014) Momentum (2015) Hours (2013) Cell (2016) The Prince (2014) Embrace Of The Vampire (2013) Iron Man: Rise of Technovore (2013) 9 Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014) Mr. Church (2016) Lazer Team (2016) Knights of Badassdom (2014) Springbreakers (2013) Machete Kills (2013) The Number Station (2013) I Spit On Your Grave 2 (2013) Escape From Planet Earth (2013) Infini (2015) Are You Here (2014) Extracted (2012) Careful What You Wish For (2015) Vice (2015) The Dinosaur Project (2012) Superfast! 2015) Breakout (2013) 10 Robot and Frank (2013) Unthinkable (2015) Stoker (2013) Being Flynn (2012) Grudge Match (2014) 13 Sins (2014) Kidnapping Mr Heineken (2015) Skiptrace (2016) The Expatriate (AKA "Erased. 2012) The Bag Man (2014) The Haunting in Connecticut 2 (2013) Dead In Tombstone (2013) The Apparition (2012) Assassins Bullet (2012) Scary Movie 5 (2013) Sleeping Beauty (2014) Requested Wild Bill (2016. 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Preston School of Industry Download movie page imdb. Alright the events are organized here in chronological order March 8th Uh, hey guys, I guess I didnt know where to post this, r/PS4 laughed at me and r/gaming is all about nintendo switch right now and anything thats not zelda disappears in under 3 minutes. Ok so last week I downloaded “Slender, the awakening” from the PSN store. Whatever, nothing new with that, I download stuff all the time. I even downloaded P. T. when it came out! By the way I highly recommend it if you can come across someone who has a copy) In any case, I started playing this Slender game and I couldnt get past the like… “first part” before you find any of the papers stuck to trees. Ive seen play-throughs, so I know how this goes. Its also not because I couldnt “beat” the level, by all means I should be at the next one. No, at random intervals the graphics start fading to black, like my TV is fading. Then I get an error message on the blue PS4 screen. CG-01235# 3 (yeah with the pound sign and everything. Weird part is that no one has ever had this glitch before. Ive looked on forums and asked Google and Bing… In any case my other games have similarly started crashing too, though with the same old CE-31414-3 (corrupt data) error code. Im going to re-install the operating system tonight and I guess see how it goes tomorrow. Anyway, thats not TOO creepy for you guys, I know, but Ill let you know if it works! March 9th Alright, so get this. I did the re-install of the system OS. Spooky stuff! Actually it took quite a long time. While it loaded, I grew a beard, shaved it off, replenished the same beard, got married, wrote a Moby Dick sequel, and counted to (52. twice. Anyway, everything loads just fine. Its like 6pm after work, I dont feel like IMMEDIATELY playing slender because, whatever, Im chicken and only play slender with friends. So I open my racing game and Im doing time trials when Im fucking SURE I saw him there standing on one of those nice looking, non-foreboding hills. And when I say him you KNOW what I mean. A tall silhouette, right? So I spin out and stop right away because I freak out (I am an anxious person) I brake and enter “photo mode” which is usually to take glamour shots of your car, but can also be aimed at the scenery. Obviously there was nothing there, I was just being paranoid, OBVIOUSLY. So I finish my race and its fine, relaxed, that one lap was a dismal time, but like, whatever I had fun. So Im letting it replay and I get up to make some leftovers from two nights ago, microwave beeps, and I glance at the TV while the car is spinning out and THERE HE IS ON THE MOUNTAIN WHERE I SAW HIM BEFORE! I drop my chicken teriyaki because I am so shocked. My dog was happy because a piece landed on the floor and I didnt say anything as I was running to pick up my controller to rewind. Ok, á la horror movie the ring, or any 2000s horror film, the apparition is gone when I rewind. This is all in my imagination! Im sure Im just being paranoid from getting cooped up too long in winter. Anyway, thought you guys should know how 2spooky4me my life is! Takin a little break from the games and going to go hang out with a buddy. Ill let you know what goes on next log on, if anything. Probably nothing? March 10th HEY. HEY. LISTEN! I know, youre probably all tech-fatigued from hearing about my dumb console but look, the game I played is no longer working. The driving one? Yeah, I cant even open it. It gives me the error code CG-01235# 3, just like I was getting in the original slender game! At this point Im thinking, “oh, ok, the bug mechanism in the PS4 has failed on some level and is misnaming error codes. great” so I restart the machine and boom, my game is just gone. Not in the main strip of games, not in my library. Ok so I just figured, fine, my PS4 is 3 years old now, it must be like, an old VERY specific hardware issue that JUST HAPPENS to look like the start of a horror movie, combined with my very active imagination, to seem like Im being digitally harassed by slender man. Alright, I can deal with this, I thought. I wont Nope out of here just yet. (Be brave! I am Jacks sense of fear) My other games, after all, were working just fine. I logged into one of my favourite sandbox shooters, and didnt notice anything out of the norm. I completed a few missions, the dog kept me company and was hoping for more dropped chicken, when… ugh no one will believe me when I say this, but… Ok one of the last missions I played that night was to collect 5 propaganda posters in a certain amount of time. Guys, the last poster looked like this… Pic1 I know I think I should have waited to hear back from you because I think… I think Im way over my head about this thing, but I sort of just… Automatically picked up the poster. Jeez, and... I know its probably a fluke, or another glitch, but I had to stop playing. Im repeating to myself its just a game. I have this tightening in my stomach just thinking about it. I think Ill go hang with my roommates to calm myself down. March 11th - events recorded later I woke up because the PS4 fan was whirring really loud in the living room. I stared at the ceiling being like “what. is. that. ” because I wasnt in deep sleep anyway and was having unnerving dreams. So no, I did not want to get up whatsoever, but I definitely couldnt let my console set my house on fire or something. I sighed and also grabbed the dog, because I am almost literally dying of fear. Im edging forward and the dog doesnt seem to want to go into the living room either. She was crying a little and looked just as nervous as me. I turn on the lights, set the dog down on the couch, and I brace myself to turn on the TV. I considered running away, the hairs on my neck were standing up and my hands were getting clammy. For some reason all my senses were telling me to flee. I steeled myself and pressed the button. To my surprise it was just the menu cycling through the games at full speed, as if the controller stick got pressed left as the console turned on and now its thinking that centre is all the way right (Do controllers even work that way anymore. In any case Im about to shut it down, because Im tired as hell and I like to sleep, when the scrolling slows down and stops on the slender game. I thought It was waiting for me to turn on the TV… Followed with No thats impossible. But then I dont select it. I cant. It was 4 am and I was scared as hell, not a noise in the house or neighbourhood except for the laboured whirring of my console. I waited a tense twenty seconds. Instead of selecting itself like I had expected, The screen got darker and darker and then finally statics for a second before going to the PS4 blue screen with the same error code message as before. Now though, the text takes up most of the screen exactly as follows: “The PS4 has ENCOUNTERED an errERROR! PleaPLEASE SHUT DOWN and RESTART in saRESTARTfe mode NORMALLY CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3CG-01235# 3” Tomorrow Im going to start it in safe mode and erase EVERYTHING. For now, it gets the shut-off and I am going to try to sleep. On the couch downstairs. Fuck that room. March 14th Guys, I made a mistake. I meant to start the damn PS4 in safe mode because… I felt like the hardware was trying to tell me to do that, but the virus or whatever had tried to tell me to start normally. To be honest, I completely forgot. School has been super intense and I havent had a moment to relax until today, when I turned it on to watch some Netflix. In regular mode. Im an idiot. Then once it powered on, all the icons were gone except for the damn slender one and it didnt select itself, but damnit I was curious as to what could possibly happen next. I called my roommate from the kitchen (which is adjacent) to ask if he was seeing what I was seeing. He agreed that indeed he did see the same, agreed that it was super weird, but like a crazy person, asked if he could try. Hed been meaning to check out this game for a month now. So I passed him the controller. I. Passed. Him. The. Controller. As soon as he pressed X the lights started fading in the living room. I immediately assumed that since we have dimmers it was a dimmer problem, so I looked at the switch for a split second but then I thought, wait, no, thats too damn coincidental and looked back at my roommate, who was advancing towards a tower in-game. Hes never played this game so he didnt know this is not what it normally looks like. What happened next Im going to try and describe as accurately as possible but bear with me because Im scared, tired, hungry and confused and at a police station. Ok. So hes advancing to this tower and I think “Wait, did I make it this far in game? ” and all of a sudden hes walking down a hill towards a street of dilapidated row houses. So I say “Wait a second. Wait, Dont… Dont go on” but my roommate is transfixed into the game and simply says “why? ” like I have no reason to be scared. As he gets to one with a chalk arrow next to it, I realize. Our digital house. There was a crack, and the lights and TV go out, I scream in surprise, there is a soft rustle and another crack, and the lights come on. The roommate is gone, the controller is gone, the PS4 is gone, and the TV is still there but its flashing on static and being loud now. Oh my god. “Murph! ” I said, “What the f—- What the F—- is going on? ” I turn off the TV and my hand comes away black and sticky. The thing is melting! Not hot, however, just disgustingly melting. Dripping on my TV stand in cold wet plastic, if you can imagine that. It turned itself off. I was in shock. I shouted again and fell back on the couch. I couldnt believe what I just saw. The black stuff on my hand was hardening. I ran to the sink and washed it off, where it smoked as it came off my hand. My heart was beating so fast and I felt tears welling up, but I pushed them back and called the police. I didnt know what else to do. What did I tell them? “My roommate went missing, there was a big noise, maybe he was kidnapped. ” The responder told me a squad car would be over in an hour or so. My other roommate ran in because she heard the commotion. I tell her… I dont even know. The police came to get me and shine their flashlights and dust for whatever but they didnt find anything, but they also didnt find Murphy, who was supposed to be there somewhere. So they were taking me to the station to make a statement, we were already one foot out the door and I noticed thered been a note left on my fridge. “TRADE YOU” it read, brandishing a similar stick-man as the notes in the game. The policeman slammed the door behind us and Ive texted my other roommate NOT to touch the note! Before I do anything else, Im asking for advice. What next? What do I do when I come back from the station? Apparently I wont be implicated in the disappearance but there will be an investigation if hes gone for more than 5 days with no trace. Where do I even start? Im totally responsible for my roommates disappearance.

Mother Mary I no you are always with me. Preston school of industry download movies. Watch. Annabelle. Online. Stream... Annabelle Full. Movie... Annabelle Online. Free... Download. Movie. Online... Annabelle 2014... The fact that the central characters of Annabelle, are called Mia, and John is just the start. Both Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes starred in Roman Polanski's film. Leonetti's John is similarly going through an uncertain professional period, while Mia is just settling down into their house, and feverishly stitching new items of decoration. Mia is already pregnant at the start of the film, but Leonetti's couple too has overfriendly neighbours, walls that make strange noises, a mysterious cult whose shadow hangs over them and a building basement utility best left alone at night. Plus, everyone seems interested in Mia's baby. A brilliant piece of work is popcorn, cooked inside a foil on a pan that inflates, and bursts unobserved, a suspected Sophia Loren who flashes by the screen just after Mia imagines seeing an apparition inside the house, and a murder happening in a neighbour's house, seen from Mia's window. Annabelle 2014. Even in comparison to The Conjuring with its fantastic cast of actors, its sub-text of research and years of pain, Annabelle pales. Helmed by a very, very underwhelming Wallis, Annabelle goes on towards extended cliches, repetitive scenes and yawn-inducing dialogues in the second half. Annabelle Live Stream - Annabelle, Annabelle Live Stream - New Episode, Annabelle Live Stream - Movies, Annabelle Live Stream - Full Online and Replay Video Coverage. “Horror movie ‘Annabelle has been withdrawn from several French cinemas after the spooky prequel about a demonic doll saw teenage filmgoers rioting in auditoriums, ” The Guardian reports. “Managers in Marseille, Strasbourg and Montpellier have cancelled screenings until further notice for security reasons after under-16s began fighting, throwing popcorn and even ripping up theatre seats. ” Searches related to Annabelle live. stream. Annabelle live. free watch Annabelle live. free live. sunday night baseball watch Annabelle stream ncca Annabelle Annabelle tv Annabelle score Annabelle live. Annabelle - A couple begin to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists.

I noticed the roles have been switched. Didnt bogey man have the same kinsa story. Putin un poltergeist flippant si je serai le gas j'aurai tailler de chez moi ;p. Hello Paranormal Reddit readers & writers, I am writing because I believe I am experiencing paranormal activity. the malevolent kind. Again. First, I wanna start off by giving some background. I grew up in a house that was haunted... The last owner passed in our living room actually. But she wasn't who was haunting us. Well, if she did she definitely was the harmless stuff. First, we had lights turning on and off as well as our water turning off and on but it wasn't anything crazy nor was it consistent nor did it creep us out too much because I nearly forgot about it. The darkness didn't creep in til my teenage years though I did have a pretty awful childhood to the point it traumatized me so that could have attracted the darkness or maybe my father had some darkness of his very own. I'm not gonna delve too deep into that, but anyway, as I was saying I wasn't aware of the dark forces until I was a teen. By then, I was watching alot of paranormal stuff on TV and was into scary stories, scary movies, and Halloween was(and still is) my favorite holiday so I was immediately attracted to that sort of thing. But then, as I got older maybe 13 or 14 I completely changed as everything in my life was becoming darker. I was listening to "screamo" rock music... just sounds like demonic voices screaming sad and depressing things sometimes even violent. Because of this influence, I began thinking darker and darker thoughts. I'm just being honest. This music was the start of my downfall I absolutely believe in it. I attempted suicide, I tried cutting myself, I even wrote sad poems. I also kept drawing this same man in a notebook. I don't know what was wrong with me. I wasn't like other kids. I had friends but not many, I didn't go out much and every day and night I was just sinking deeper into this darkness. My music, my words, my thoughts, my clothes, my personality and attitude. It was bad now looking back. My siblings and I were definitely the less fortunate and that only increased the sadness, stress, depression and so on for so many years I just was blind to it. I believed in ghosts but not. Demons. I had a friend, let's call her D and she actually was very sensitive and spoke about her experiences and I told her about mine. She told me one day a demon was behind me in my room as we were hanging out. It was chilling information but I didn't feel very different so I shrugged her off jokingly. At this time, I was still listening to dark stuff, writing dark stuff etc, but I believe because I was doing the lot of it on my own, it just laid dormant but stuck around. One day we were at her house and she told me about experiences that occurred in her home. Nothing too wild just a figure walking in her hall in front of her fan and she could hear the changes in the fan and knew when someone or something was in front of it... That chills me still. So, as we're in her living room, she introduces me to Christian rock bands and I am loving them! Like wow. And as we let it play, she began to tell me that she senses darkness around me again. I couldn't believe it. This again. She asked me about my past and I spilled my guts all over that living room floor and she recommended we try something. She had me write down a list of good things and bad things. She had me read the bad, burn it in her firepit outside and then come back inside to read the good things... Two times maybe and think about each one with deep thought. After this, she asked me how I felt... I can't lie... I felt relieved. A huge release lifted immediately and the music skipped and made a sound. I kid you not! Just like a CD skipping & the voice sounds distorted yet this was music downloaded onto a computer which never skipped before. Right then she said, someone isn't happy you're happy" and it skipped again! She turned the music off and we delved into prayer and that's when I learned about her love and faith for Jesus. This name is powerful guys. Whatever religion you follow or don't, its not about religion. Or Christianity but a man. The Man. The Man that the demons fear. I know this to be a fact with my recent experiences but I'll save that for later. D and I ended up having a falling out. We no longer speak. I recently tried to contact her about the paranormal and was looking to get her insight but to no avail. She most likely isn't trying to mess with the paranormal anymore much less talk about it. Or just to me... I may never know what she saw behind me or felt while in my presence but I think that may have alot to do with it. I had more experiences within the home after my encounter with D. My mom actually had my tall CD stand packed full of CDs thrown at her as she walked through my bedroom to the bathroom. (it was a small house with a weird setting. And it missed her by a couple inches maybe? These CDs was all the JUNK I filled my ears and head with! We did some investigating and my Mom confirmed that the CD stand hadn't just fallen off due to movement in the room but she discovered (and I saw with my own eyes) lines in the dust where it had been sitting. It was pushed off and was aimed at her. She had other experiences too that would shake you to your core but I will leave those for a later post if I get permission to post and if you request. For now, I'll continue with my experiences and things I can remember. There is soo much that occurred at my childhood home it's insane. After my dad passed it only became more intense. He didn't pass in the home but was that house ever packed full of things that go bump in the night? Sheesh. So... I am going to struggle a bit with typing this as I try to remember everything. He passed before I could graduate high school and after high school, I did alot of staying home. Though my relationship with my father was rocky, it still left a hole inside you knowing he was gone. The whole house felt different and my Mom and my siblings were morning. I was too, just in my own ways. One day, my mom and I took my little sister to school and we came home after and my Mom went to sleep after working a late night at the hospital. I sat there in silence before turning the TV on and I heard in my ear "wanna play. I sat there frozen in fear before I ran to my mom in tears and told her what I had heard. It wasn't until then she began to tell me about things happening to her too including dreams that feel real that I began to realize this is no ghost. I was shaken but also intrigued... I began to delve deeper. I had friends over that I had shared these tales with and they came over regularly to ghost hunt (no joke. We used phone recorders, cameras ect. and on an old phone of mine, I caught an EVP my very first AND LAST! I had a friend over and my sister had her friend over for movies and we watched Paranormal Activity. During the movie, all 4 of us heard "hey" behind us! My brother was in the next room so naturally we thought it was him. The door was locked though and he was on the phone. It didn't seem like he had said it... So me and my friend A, decided to try and catch an EVP or any kind of evidence to support what we all heard. She had her phone recording next to mine and we announced when we were walking away. Moments after she says" we're walking away" you can plainly hear static interference and then a "hey. I couldn't believe my ears! It was faint but you knew what it said! I don't have that phone anymore I wish I had kept it but wow. I was amazed and terrified all at once. I also took a few pictures of my brother and his girlfriend one day when we were all hanging out and on the door behind her appeared a white orb. On the few other pictures I took, it wasn't there. I tried to zoom in on it and it would zoom once, die. I would have to completely turn it back on. Thinking it was just a technical foul, I proceeded to try and zoom in again. Same thing. Died. Like the power had been completely sucked out but every time I took the batteries out and back in, it was fine. As a test, I zoomed in on other pictures... I was able to without it dying. So I tried to go back to THAT ONE. with THE WHITE ORB. and STILL! IT FREEZES AND DIES! WTF! I'm thinking... So I outsmarted it. I took my memory card out of my camera and put it into my computer and brought the picture up and began to zoom in as much as I could. It was a baby face, also maybe a skull. It was nuts! I tried to zoom in on the camera again and still same thing. I eventually started showing my friends the camera and the phenomena up close and personal and it continued to zoom in on other pics but that one... And when you tried, you were unsuccessful. But the moment I put it on the computer. Wow... A face. I will never forget it. This is just the tip of the ice berg, my fellow readers. Because more happened since then. I have records and records of paranormal activity in that house and abroad. Shall we continue. Take a break if you need to. I think I'll have a smoke lol (medicinal only. Ready? Okay. So my friends and I were regular ghost hunters at my house right? I had a Halloween party every year where I would decorate, get a bunch of food and alcohol and pack my yard full of people infront of a big bon fire in my backyard. It was the talk amongst my friends and I was happy to be able to throw such an awesome yet creepy party and I truly mean creepy. My friends and I were wasted and I remember my friend A and my other friend T, chasing my cats around the yard. We had over 2 acres of land and lots of cats. My friend thought she saw a cat cross in front of her but she actually confirmed it was a shadow that moved like a snake! And it was quick too. We pulled out our phones and cameras and one of my friends at the party introduced us to a phone app called Ghost Radar. Ghost Radar basically spits out words but the experiences with GR that I had was too accurate and chilling for me to even begin to say its just an app. I may write something about GR separate from this post as this is getting rather lengthy but I hope you're amused, spooked, whatever the case. Thank you for your time. Anyways, We ran the app on a couple phones and I was unamused with it at first but then as we walked up the back yard into the dark where a few sheds and a barn was located, it said further. And go or something like that and we all said f that and retreated into the house. The haunted house. Well, whatever I guess the entire grounds were infested who knows? As we sat at the table, the app began speaking. One words but it said a name. I ignored it because it often spat out random words and names but the next night I had another friend come over and she was also interested in the app. Her phone said the same name from the night before, on a totally different friend of mine's phone! I decided to message my mom at work asking if the name had any meaning or importance to our family or the home. It turned out that the name on that app was the name of the woman who passed in the house before we got it. NO LIE! At this moment I'm starting to truly believe in this app but I believe we called it quits for the night and did regular stuff such as drinking and shooting the sh*t. That night after everyone went home, I was on the computer late at night... In the same room we received the name in. My mother had wind-chimes hanging over the kitchen table and without any air flow or anything, those wind chimes moved. But not just any ol way, they actually played a tune. Right behind me! I froze again! Like that time I heard the voice after taking my sister to school and it was just Mom and I... I froze. And at that moment I heard something drop in the laundry room which was just feet away from where I sat. I got up and once again, like a scared child even though I was an adult now, I trembled in fear. I couldn't believe everything that was happening and it was starting to ramp up. I'm not sure if my mother was experiencing things before or after this as it was so many years ago and I'm 28 now, but she had things occurring and one day a mirror fell on her head as she slept. She was fine but that mirror hung there for a while and for it to just randomly fall was alarming... It was heavy too and real glass and wood. I only pray that she is okay living on her own but I know her Savior is taking care of her: My Mother is s a devout believer in God and Jesus and just her presence will calm you and give you peace. She definitely has the good on her side and there is power in her prayers and in her beliefs. My own reflect hers to this day and I cannot be swayed. Too much has happened and continues to happen so it's hard to sit here and deny both of our experiences including the many witnesses I have to people who don't believe or belong to any religion. I don't call what I believe religion. It's more of a life choice and a picking of a side. For obvious reasons. We finally moved out of that house and into a duplex and I'm happy to report nothing occurred there. Maybe some nightmares but overall nothing. That duplex was short lived as we fell low on rent and was forced to live elsewhere so we moved in with her friend and her 2 kids. I went too. You can say that I was a late bloomer. I was attached to my mom more than anyone else and I always felt weird without her. So I continued to live with her as I reached my twenties. Anyway, nothing particularly paranormal occurred there either, for me... But my mom said she saw apparitions of a female in the living room and heard things moving downstairs in the basement. But I never did. By this time The Conjuring came out on DVD and I of course bought it being into the paranormal and horror genres and I watched it a few times. My Mother one night came in and slept in my bed with me because she mainly was on the couch and I offered her an actual bed. Which she declined to ever get into with me again after her nightmare or vision she had. She saw me levitating to the ceiling fan and I was smiling down at her. And she looked over and I was asleep next to her still... That shook me and clearly her too... And she asked if the movie had levitation... I told her there was a scene of it and she never wanted to watch the movie because it bothered her that much. In fact, she didn't care for horror whatsoever. I still do, but I try not to get sucked into the demonic, possession type of films. I start to feel weird if I watch too much of it. So yeah, nothing in that house either. Things were feeling better at least in my world... I eventually left that house due to some unnecessary drama and my Mom was able to leave there too. My apartment was newer and beautiful. I had s roommate who was actually from school, she'll be K in this story. She had a witch craft star ring on her finger... It was obviously clear she had no knowledge nor care for the paranormal. She maybe thought it was just in movies before she met me LOL. As things quieted down in my life, I began to delve again. This time in things I shouldn't. I purchased tarot cards and owned an ouija board tray. Not the actual board, but just a decoration from the Halloween store. Nothing happened with that, but just having it felt weird looking back now. There was no sole purpose except for my medicine ect. I even played with a board at a friend's party and nothing happened. So of course, I was just obsessed with ouija like any other millennial. I was watching horror movies alot, and I acquired some horror decor for my room. I do miss all of that stuff, I recently had to sell it all to make ends, but I had literally no issues considering I was dabbling again. When I moved to this apartment actually, I threw away Bibles i kept and I believe it was because of my friend and her beliefs, that at the time I just felt kinda stupid for what I believed. And tried to shut it out. Everything was fine. I had made some new friends and regularly had them over so that filled up my life quiet a bit. Nothing negative or crazy and it was a nice change. I did ghost hunting in a couple graveyards on a few occasions with friends and I experienced things while hunting, but very little compared to everything else. We watched horror movies together often, K and I and we decided to watch paranormal activity. I believe it was during or after the movie, my bedroom door slammed and when I went to check, thinking one of our cats did it (we both had one cat) neither were in the room. The room was dark and empty and I always left the door open while I wasn't in there. But it slammed with such an intensity it jarred us both. I don't believe I watched another paranormal activity after that and I most likely won't. Because that's the second time I watched PA and had something happen during the movie or after it was over. I continued to watch scary stuff with my roommate but we tried to stay away from the paranormal. She always thought there was a logical explanation for everything. But she was about to believe. One day, I believe it was when the news hit that some satanic cult was standing infront of a court house or city hall, waving black flags ect and gave a speech. We both watched, and I wasn't intrigued in the least bit. My spirit was immediately turned off from it but my roommate K watched til the end. As we both stood in the kitchen, she said that it was interesting... At that moment, a Jack Daniel's bottle, a pretty good size one, empty, falls off the refrigerator where it's been sitting perfectly fine for days even months. It fell a good distance onto the counter and slid right to me without shattering. It was obvious that was not evil but something trying to get me to maybe sway her from that thought. I tried but you can't force people to believe what you do but she was changed after that day. Other things occurred too such as me laying down in bed in the dark and it felt like my cat or a cat had jumped onto the bed. I was used to the pounce my cat did and I could have sworn he just pounced up to me. I said Coco, and was met with silence. Nothing. No more movement. I jumped up out of bed, flicked on the light to find no cat, no one or nothing. Something got on my bed with me and I'm telling you guys that may be the most scary experience of them all for me. I was vulnerable and it was in my personal space. I ran to my roommates room and she was upset with me for waking her. I clearly had no support at the time but she finally came around and I was able to explain to her what happened and we were both scared. That's not even all of it. I heard someone walking up our stairs to our apartment and stop at the door. No one was there when I looked and I never heard anyone descend. Creepy as hell. Her cat also was crying in the middle of the night and we found that his legs had been hurt and he was unable to walk. He was a heavier set cat so its possible he fell but it was just too weird... It did some damage to that poor cat whatever happened. I have my suspicions. Nothing more occurred there and we left that apartment eventually. Only to move to a new apartment that eventually caught fire a couple weeks later after moving in. I still had things on boxes I hadn't unpacked. And in the blink of an eye, I lost everything. I had to stay in a hotel and went on a downward spiral from there. My new friends I made that regularly hung out at my apartment passing blunts around were now into something more extreme. I, being vulnerable descended with them. To the point of depression and anxiety... I even began to hear voices. Especially, my name being called. I could be in Walmart even just shopping and hear it and feel like I was going insane. I eventually was kicked from the hotel by my insurance company and was forced to live with my Mom 2 hrs away. I love her but you know at my age, I wanted my own place again. I wanted that independence. I wanted to be around friends and go back to that carefree lifestyle I'd grown accustomed to before the move and the fire that continued to burn through my life. I felt relatively okay in my mother's presence... I started to get better and eventually met the love of my life. Though my depression was still a battle, I was feeling better day by day. I eventually moved from my Mom's with her help up to Michigan to live with my now Fiance. We clicked and things have been amazing up until last year. My depression and anxiety came back with a vengeance and being away from my Mom, family and friends I was feeling even lower. I was happy with my love and our new life that we were creating together but I wanted it all. I still live in Michigan and we are planning to move to my home state eventually and then make visits to see her family I think that would work best for us both but anyway... My depression has worsened now. My anxiety is crippling... I started to hear my name being called again... I tried to explain to her what was going on but I just felt crazy. Even though, she passed no judgment, it just sounds crazy coming out of my mouth so obviously yeah it's crazy and she probably thinks I'm crazy or going crazy but I know she loves me and supports me. She's trying her best to understand when I open up especially recently because my dreams /nightmares have been wild and very real... I haven't experienced anything super paranormal in our new apartment we just moved into last year(thank God) but the dreams... Those nightmares... Some would call it Sleep Paralysis but for me... Its real. Not just some weird phenomena but I literally feel like something is after me... But thankfully I have back up; This nightmare was reoccurring... I never saw anything I just remember being so scared and unable to breathe. When I was told what name to say. I kid you not, as sure as I'm sitting here writing to you. This is real. The name of Jesus came out of my mouth but not all the way. My vocal cords felt cut and I was screaming but no sound came out. I was finally able to get His name out and I was saved! That dream didn't happen again until recently... But after that first experience of sleep paralysis or whatever we're calling it, I began researching online, watching countless YouTube videos with people and their own testimonies, I began praying, I attended church. Then as this all was going on, a period of change, I had a nightmare of my father angry as hell saying "YOU. And it was just like when he got angry at us as kids and would chase us out the back door. I knew it wasn't my father. I continued to attend church, pray, I traded Netflix for Pureflix and I'm loving the change. Everything has been quiet until temptation crept in. I didn't mention before but im LGBT and my girl and I began to explore ourselves & each other more openly... To the point we decided on adding someone else to the party if you know what I mean. Temptation for this attention and sexual experience began to control me. Pornography, chat rooms, dating sites... I lost sight of my perfect, loving relationship and started surviving on others stroking my ego and for whatever reason it was sheer ecstasy for me. I guess you know by now the devil took a back door and came back in my life. I had another nightmare the other night. I actually write music and have a decent following on Instagram and have dreams of being in the entertainment industry. Of course, I did my research on that and the selling of one's soul for fame which I absolutely, 100% believe in. I began to wonder how can the devil give you all of that overnight but it takes God so long to deliver? And I started to face away from God again... And I had a dream that night... I was standing in front of a podium. A tall, suited figure, I couldn't see the face, was flipping through a book and asked me "what do you want. As if I was about to give my order to the devil! I'm not kidding! This is all factual... I got the feeling that I wasn't supposed to be there and I never spoke up. I instead must've woke up or something. And I repented... And again... Til the other night I had yet another nightmare. I was in my bed next to my fiance... I felt like it was a dream but at the same time felt very, very real. A dark figure creeped around the door way and was looking at me... And the mass grew. I struggled to say Jesus and it came out in a southern twang like Jaaasus. But it was good enough for Him because the nightmare was done like that! And I haven't had another since. I actually had a heart warming dream after falling asleep during prayer but I'm here to talk about the other things... I want to tell you that this stuff is real and these are my real and true life accounts. I will write more if requested as I have plenty including my brother bringing home a black magic book and maybe is the cause for the evil that began to manifest in our childhood home. I also have my Mother's experiences to share if I'm gained permission. Please don't take this with a grain of salt. This stuff is real and may be after me as I know too much and may have a divine purpose. I also had 2 near death experiences and an amazing encounter with guardian angels or perhaps, The Messiah, Himself. Demons, FEAR JESUS. if you are struggling with something similar and have very little faith, use Jesus name and do your research and see that these things will flee from you. But they can come in through the back door or secret passage ways too if you let your guard down. Pay attention to what you're thinking, reading, listening to, and the like. You have to constantly put on your armor. Last night I had a dream of my girl cheating on me and she had dream of me telling her I didn't want her anymore and she woke up crying... Keep in mind that I since the weird temptation, removed all apps and quit talking to randos online... I have been trying really hard to improve our relationship and get us back on track. And then she has a nightmare like that. I prayed over her head and her dreams and over mine too... Don't be unprotected and don't think salt and sage is going to keep evil like that away. They have power over that. And over you if you allow it. Get in touch with Him and I would absolutely love to discuss the amazing things He's done in my life and the many times He has saved me. On a separate post though. Just let me know what you want to hear! This isn't all a religious post either so please don't think that way... I just ask that you absorb everything and realize that the truth is literally right in front of our faces, yet we choose to ignore it. Anyway, that's all I got for tonight. This took me almost 3 hours to write and get right so please be kind. I'm sending out prayers to all of you who read. Remember, this is years and years of a haunting. Spanning over I'm gonna say more than 10 years. Don't take this lightly as this is all true. I should also note, don't be in fear of this, but rather fear what they fear. And you will see and know the Truth. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

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The guy in 6:14 is really fond of his plus sign. Thats a plus not a Crucifix. Preston School of Industry download movie. Re-entry. Probably my least favorite job as part of the library theater crew. It wasn't just that you had to sit there the entire length of the movie, it was that you had to sit there alone. This was a couple years ago, internet wasn't so fast, smart phones weren't so good. Even connecting to the library's free wifi was a task sitting in the basement of a four story spiral of glass and concrete. I was bored. Normally they let us go in and watch the films. Not in line with the rules, but this theater was the chillest by far, and I greatly appreciated that. So when this particular film was at capacity I knew I had to do my job and sit on my ass for 90 minutes, occasionally getting up to check for hand stamps on people coming back from the restroom. It was the last movie of the night. I hadn't paid attention to which one. 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I swear I saw you just walk in the theater two minutes ago. I, uh. He trailed off. I saw his hand, stamped the same as before and ushered him into the theater. If this was a prank it wasn't very funny. I sat down again and low and behold. Same man. Same tan sweater. Same khaki pants. Same brown dress shoes. Same blonde hair. Same everything. Except this time he was running. "Are you ok. I asked. "There's um. I think there's a homeless man that got in. He's in the restroom. There's something wrong with him. I let him back into the theater and went to find my manager. Homeless people were a common occurrence. There were a lot of them that stayed in the library from open til close just to get out of the cold. They usually weren't a problem, they kept to themselves or read books. But sometimes people would shoot up in the bathroom. No big deal. "Hey Sarah, there's a homeless guy in the restroom. A patron said something was wrong with him. "Shit. Fuck. Shit. It was late. Security had gone home and the library was technically closed. I don't think there's any male volunteers left. We looked at each other like we knew what we had to do. We walked towards the men's restroom and yelled out "women coming in. We waited a second to listen for movement but heard nothing. We walked in and standing by the sinks was the same blonde man from earlier. I knew there was no way he could have gotten down there so fast. "Hey, you said there was a homeless guy. He looked around nervously. He almost appeared to be shaking. "Something's wrong. He said. Sarah and I looked at him in confusion. He stood there in place not seeming to want to move even an inch. Sarah and I brushed past him to check on the stalls. The air in the room felt heavy. Sinister. I had that feeling like if a pin dropped I would run out screaming. Sarah motioned to me, there was a stall on the end of the row that was closed. We weren't using words but the looks we exchanged let me know Sarah and I felt the same way. Scared. Nervous. Weird. She slowly made her way to the stall and knocked. "Hello. She whispered. No reply. "Hello. She said it loudly this time. As if maybe things weren't so bad after all. The blonde man yelled "Don't! Don't look at him. As he said that the door to the stall swung open. Sarah put her hand over her face and walked away. "I'm calling for security or something. I looked at her with fear in my heart. The look she gave me showed more annoyance than anything. "There's no one in there. And you buddy just got yourself kicked out of the movie! This was the last thing I needed tonight. She stomped out of the restroom leaving me and the shaky patron behind. Sarah had a temper. It seemed more like this guy needed a psych eval than to be kicked out of the theater. He stood there still shaking while I peeked my head into that final stall. Sarah was right. There was nothing there. Not a person at least. I looked back towards the man. He started pointing back towards the stall. "There's no one in here. I said. "Look. The walls. I should have left the restroom. I should have just walked out. Security was on its way. There was no point in being afraid. So I did something stupid. I looked at the walls. There was a bit of graffiti. Various scratchings, names, swear words. Then I moved the door so I could see if anything was written on the inside of it. "Once inside ur stuck for a ride but should u shake my hand before you flee it's a final goodbye mon ami. Ok. a quote from a book? A poem? Whatever. I moved the door and turned to leave the restroom. As soon as I swiveled my head I saw something that me let out a yelp. I was face to face with a homeless man. And not any homeless man. Think Blue Velvet dumpster demon. He was wearing what looked like a hundred layers of filthy clothing. Absolutely black from eons of not washing and sleeping in trash. His face and hands were so covered in grime that they appeared to be painted black. The nails on his hands were long, and gnarly. They were stained a deeply rotted yellow color, and the grime beneath them was blacker than his filthy skin. His face was horrid. It he had dark brown eyes with yellow scleras. Pink and red veins ran through them. They were puffy and infected looking. His teeth were a shade lighter than his nails and equally rotten. He was so close to me, I could feel his sickening breath on my face. Hot and damp, smelling of death and disease. I stumbled backwards into the stall. I almost fell ass first into the toilet but I managed to regain my balance at the last second. The homeless man stood in front of me blocking my exit. I didn't dare push past him. His hands and face were covered in huge abscesses. Deep reds and yellows beneath a layer of black. His skin glistened from puss that oozed from his wounds. Any kind of contact with him would be beyond vile. I closed the stall door in his face. I stood there for a moment feeling completely stunned. I could hear the blonde patron whimpering over by the sinks. He must be seeing the same hobo I had just blocked from my view. I was terrified. Repulsed. Disgusted. What was I to do? My heart was beating a million a minute. I thought of climbing out of the stall and circumventing the homeless man. Surely I could run past him without any problems. He was so sickly and over dressed he couldn't have moved too quickly. I stood on the toilet and used the toilet paper dispenser as my foothold. I gripped the top of the stall and tried to push myself upward. It wasn't as easy as I'd hoped. I moved both of my feet from the toilet onto the dispenser. I swung one leg over into the second stall but there was no foothold. I tried to push myself over using the foot still on the dispenser. To my absolute horror it collapsed under my weight and I was sent tumbling back into the stall. I quickly got to my feet and looked around for another escape. My eyes landed on the door in front of me. I'd have to push past him. But at that moment those words caught my eye again. shake my hand. I gagged at the thought. Shake this mans hand? Was this what it meant? I had no fucking clue. But the adrenaline was wearing off and I had to make a choice. I slowly opened the door. The hobo was there with a grin on his face. I extended my hand slowly, shaking with fear. I saw his raise his hand as well. It shook under the effort of moving his diseased flesh. The puss glistening in the fluorescent light. I looked away and gripped his hand. It was hot and gooey. I could feel the grime covering his skin. It was coarse and slimy at the same time. His hand gripped mine. Hard. His skin couldn't stand the pressure and I could feel more puss oozing out as I touched him. I could feel it mixing with the dirt and coating my hand as I shook. His skin practically sloughed off as he let go, leaving layers of death and puss and shit on my hand. I ran like a bat out of hell. Security was right outside the door. I waved my hands frantically trying to show them the damage that had been done. "Look! Look! He's in there! He's disgusting! He's. I held my hand up to my face. No puss. No grime. No shit. "He's what. He's uh. the patron. He's kind of freaking out. I think he needs an ambulance. I couldn't think of anything else to say. I could hear his whimpering inside the door. It was the first thing that came to my mind. "Did he touch you? l "No. I'm fine. I drove home that night feeling woozy. Security had escorted the man outside only for someone to find him back in the restroom before we all went home for the night. He was escorted out a third time when he appeared inside after staff had locked the doors and witnesses him walking in the lobby. The doors are all glass so he wasn't hard to see. What was hard was figuring out how he got back in there after being escorted off the property two times before. The second time after being loaded into an ambulance. I couldn't get any of it out of my head. Was that writing some sort of curse? You'd be forever stuck in some time loop in the library bathroom unless you shook hands with this filthy apparition? I had nightmares of dirt and blood and puss being poured down my throat by the crying blonde man that night. I try not to visit the library these days. I still go occasionally as it's the biggest in my city and it has the best books. The bottom floor is always avoided though. After today I don't think I'll be going back ever again. I went to get a book on film, Roger Elbert's Great Movies. As I walked out of the library back to my car I saw police escort a disheveled blonde man out of the library. His hair had grown out, his clothes were in tatters. He yelled nonsense I couldn't understand. But I knew who it was. Among the other homeless he blended in now. Perhaps on his way to becoming the grimy puss covered hobo himself. It's been five years. And he's still trapped there because he wouldn't shake that demon's hand.


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